Target System


By EnquirePaul / August 11, 2020 /

SIX PACK TARGET is a lightweight target shooting system utilizing suspended aluminum cans.

SIX PACK TARGET folds up to less than an inch in width making it very convenient for camping, transporting and storing.

Use your imagination to create all kinds of fun, challenging, strategic games for scoring.

SIX PACK TARGET is recommended for use with air rifles, but the bigger calibers are great fun too.

For good times indoors, use air soft and nerf guns.

TCT is made of high grade steel and covered with a durable powder coated finish. This technique is environmentally friendly.

Zinc and nickel plated hardware along with polyurethane leg caps are used to strengthen the target.

Target labels (as seen above in photo) available for purchase online.


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Patent no. us d711,494s

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